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For The Ongoing Collections Of Life

Since 1947, Kay Lighting & Design has been providing a unique shopping experience that our customers were not finding in any other lighting showroom. Our dedication to a diverse and exciting product mix, along with our always changing showroom displays, is what allowed us to grow such a loyal customer base willing to provide such positive feedback for our services. It was a place our customers felt they could wander for hours, warm & inviting, which is what we have worked so hard to preserve throughout the years.

Now in our 3rd generation, we wanted to translate that same store experience into another brand that gives customers the same diversity of product & service to which they have become accustomed within our building. Something for a friend, an occasion, or yourself; we wanted to give our customers a world where each is possible, all while having fun. Familiar names such as Michael Aram & Brighton compliment all of the other items you have never heard of, waiting to be discovered. From jewelry, fashion, home & baby; to gourmet food, books and puzzles; we have created a destination that satisfies many different needs, for our customers and their gift giving.

Items handcrafted in the USA, eco-friendly products and local artisans are essential to our business model, and we are constantly looking to add them within every category. Heirloom antique stones used in bracelets handcrafted in PA, to sustainable floormats made from bamboo are just a few of these products. Throughout the years, we have evolved with the changing world around us and continue to evolve each day. We invite all to come explore and hope you enjoy the experience as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

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